“The DVD arrived March 15. It is a well done program, easy to understand and easy to do. I had no difficulty doing the exercises until I tried to lift my left leg (the new hip leg). I could not lift the the leg except a small amount. When I finished the sequence I do believe my left leg strength was showing improvement – WITH ONLY ONE SEQUENCE! I had no “sore spots” after this first trial. It was so great that I did the exercises the next day using soup cans as weights. Again, I swear I could feel a modest amount of improvement in my legs. I had no “sore spots” when I finished. I am impressed by the quality of the instructions and the results obtained. Please remember my hip was broken in June 2004, it was pinned. I had a second surgery in September 2004 when the first one deteriorated; the second surgery replaced the hip. No exercises were perscribed by either doctor. I tried a “Water Workout”, which was not very effective either. I do walk about a mile or more twice a day (weather permitting), but have done no other techniques. I am impressed with DVD Fitness Coach and have every reason to believe in continued improvement from these exercises”

Joseph R., Harrisburg, PA

My primary goal last season was to walk 18 holes of golf by August. I accomplished that in June and never rode in a cart again for the rest of the season. My secondary goal was to get more distance with my clubs. By mid-summer, I was hitting my driver 20 yards longer then the previous year. My other clubs averaged about 10 yards longer. I lowered my handicap 9 strokes during the 2006 season. Bentz is very good at building my core strength, but three things have really contributed to my golf successes: squats, golf-specific dumbbell exercises, and medicine ball work. Bentz is enthusiastic about his work and enthusiastic about my accomplishments.

Laura D., Harrisburg, PA

I wanted to improve my time in the walking events I participate in, and believed adding strength training would accomplish that. I contacted Bentz and have been working with him ever since. I now have more energy for my active lifestyle, which includes 3 energetic grandchildren. I walked in the Avon 2-day walk in May 2005 and completed the half marathon in less than 3.25 hours, and I am able to deadlift an amazing number of pounds. I believe my personal best is around 150 pounds.

Evelyn S., Harrisburg, PA.

I am all to happy to recommend you to golfers interested in increasing their strength and flexibility. When we first started working together over 3 years ago, I was suffering from muscle spasms in my lower back on the right side, which is typical for right-handed golfers. The spasms were very painful. After meeting with a physical therapist to work out the spasm, I was advised to seek out a quality fitness instructor to help build up my core muscles in order to prevent spasms from reoccurring. 3 years later, I am delighted to inform you that I have NOT had a spasm since I implemented your program. What I have enjoyed most about the exercises you provided is that all areas of my body receive work; chest, shoulders, arms, legs back and overall core. I have been working the program 2-3 days per week for the past 3 years and have notices an increase in flexibility and overall strength. At 41, I believe, with your help, I have a routine to keep me: a) pain free and b) as strong and flexible overall as possible.

John M., Harrisburg, PA

The first trainer I trusted for advice regarding my workouts and nutrition.

Joyce Z., Mechanicsburg, PA

Is very dedicated and establishes a good relationship with clients.

Felicia N., Carlisle, PA.

Designed the plan to target my needs.

Michelle B., Camp Hill, PA.

” My specific goals were to improve my golf game, my physical appearance and my overall physical condition. I have been able to accomplish all of these in the past year. Bentz’s customized workout helped me maximize my results. This has been on of the best decisions I ever made.

Craig D., Harrisburg, PA

“Max Fitness – one of the best decisions I ever made!”

Richard M., Harrisburg, PA

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